Loans procedure

Works of art from the Heino Art Foundation collection are available for loan to exhibition organisers in and outside Finland. The exhibition organiser must have professional museum staff or staff with corresponding expertise as well as appropriately maintained facilities. Loan requests must specify the borrower, exhibition venue and dates, works to be borrowed as well as the arrangements for transport and insurance cover. Unless otherwise agreed, the Heino Art Foundation will charge a handling fee of €200 per work of art for loans. Loans are subject to the Heino Art Foundation Loan Agreement and the terms and conditions laid down in the Agreement.

Exhibition loan requests should be emailed as a free-form letter to the Board of Directors of the Heino Art Foundation at info (at) – for large-scale exhibition projects a minimum of six months and in other cases a minimum of three months before the commencement of the loan period, unless otherwise agreed.

Decisions on exhibition loans are made by the Board of Directors of the Heino Art Foundation. Loan decisions will be communicated in writing to the requester.